Influences of differences in pitch of pure tones on onomatopoeic expressions

[Speaker] Matsui, Megumi:1
1:HOSEI University (Japan)

The purpose of the present study was to examine the influences of differences in pitch of short-duration pure tones on onomatopoeic expressions. Stimuli were 61 kinds of pure tones (duration: 200ms) that spanned 5 octaves from 125Hz to 4kHz at 1/12-octave steps. Participants were randomly presented with each stimulus two times, and were told to write what they heard using an onomatopoeic expression. Results indicated that the following items accounted for more than 20% in each octave band: /bu/ (31%), /bo/ (20%) in octave 1, /pu/ (34%), /po/ (27%) in octave 2, /po/ (41%), /pu/ (23%) in octave 3, /pi/ (29%), /po/ (22%) and /pa/ (21%) in octave 4, and /pi/ (74%) in octave 5. These results indicated that /b/ tends to be used as a consonant in the low frequency band and /i/ used as a vowel in the high frequency band.
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