Analysis of Personal Attitude Construct about an Image of the Effect of Dialect on Counseling.

[Speaker] Kondo, Kazuya:1
[Co-author] Naito, Tetsuo:2
1:Graduate School of Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan), 2:Department of Welfare-Psychology, Fukushima-College (Japan)

The aim of this study is to search the effect of dialect on counseling. We made use of personal attitude construct analysis. The subject grew up in Murayama region of Yamagata prefecture and has lived in Miyagi prefecture. The procedure was as follows; 1) presented the stimulus sentences about differences between standard language and Murayama dialect in voice communication, 2) required to order the cards of association according to importance, 3) instructed to estimate the distance of similarity intuitively, comparing all pairs of cards, 4) Cluster Analysis by Ward was done, and 5) asked to describe the image about each cluster. Clusters show 1) she felt a sense of ease, safety and kindness to counselor, 2) and was encouraged to talk. 3) When spoken in dialect, the subject recalled many things and felt difficulty of response a little. Results revealed provincialism and familiarity to counselor.
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