A Philippine Validation of the Attitudes Toward Transgendered Individuals (ATTI) Scale

[Speaker] Macapagal, Raymond A:1
1:University of the Philippines - Diliman (Philippines)

The ATTI (Walch, et al., 2012) is a scale which aims to assess transgender-related stigma in the general population. This study seeks to establish the validity of the ATTI in the Philippines through measuring: its reliability; checking associations with related measures; replicating established gender differences; correlating the ATTI with a contact measure; and comparing the attitudes of people with varying beliefs about what causes transgenderism. N=200 teachers answered the following scales: ATTI, Genderism and Transphobia Scale (GTS), Homopositivity Scale (HPS), Homonegativity Scale (HNS), and other demographic questions. The ATTI was shown to be a reliable scale (α = .95), which is significantly correlated with the GTS and HNS. Females were expectedly more transpositive than males. Number of transgender friends was correlated with attitudes toward transgenderism. Lastly, people who believed transgenderism to be mainly due to "nature" had higher ATTI scores than those who believed that it is due to "nurture".
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