Identity and recognition of stigmatized people in Brazil: the approach of a Brazilian Critical Social Psychology

[Speaker] Lima, Aluisio F:1
1:Universidade Federal do Ceara (Brazil)

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss how we have researched issues of identity and recognition of stigmatized people in Brazil. In order to do so, it will be exposed how we have studied identity and recognition constructs in the last 30 years. This critical research has delineated by the performative and narrative perspectives of the identity that depends on social and institutional recognition. Thus, it will be analyzed on the use of certain categories can either fight or contribute to the strengthening of stigmatization processes. Especially when they transform individual differences and redistribution problems in psychological ones. At a time when the discussions about social recognition has become part of the agendas of government policies in democratic countries and social movements, it is believed that this form of research contributes to the review of hegemonic conceptions that have been part of the traditional discussions on the topic.
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