In-group identity and out-group favoritism among Chinese migrant workers

[Speaker] Zhao, Li:1
1:Hangzhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The current research looks closely into the identification and group favoritism among one of the well-known social vulnerable groups--Chinese migrant workers (N=110). By using IAT, it was found that Chinese migrant workers displayed the tendency of out-group favoritism, in-group identity as well as positive personal identity. Specifically, their in-group identity and out-group favoritism were negatively associated through the mediation of personal identity. A lesser identification with participants' low status in-group (Migrant workers) fosters a higher positivity of their personal identity, which in turn leads to a stronger favoritism towards out-group (Urban citizens). These findings imply the importance of self-positivity for diminishing the negative effect of in-group identification on low status group members' intergroup attitude as well as facilitating upward mobilizing.
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