The dialogue of civilizations: the image of the Japanese in the descriptions of Russian travellers of the 19th century.

[Speaker] Suleimanian, Andranik:1
1:Moscow state University of Psychology and Education (Russia)

The main goal of the travelers is setting to establish intercultural dialogue. The basic sources of our research the works of Golovnin and Goncharov.
The object of research the national character and cultural-historical type. Pointing to significant differences in the characters and the mindset of Russian and Japanese civilizations, the researchers argue that this is not an obstacle for cooperation. Attention is drawn to the ambivalent properties of the Japanese character: a combination of a desire to emphasize and to preserve their identity and openness to novelty and interest to another, similar to Russian character. Discussed the problems of isolationism and its impact on civilizational dialogue, cultural borrowing, rituals in cross-cultural communication and the origin of differences of the national characters. The mission of Russian travelers to be "bridges" between nations, and not spies or colonialists (for example, in comparison with the Jesuit missions), the conductors of «people's diplomacy".
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