Little Suppression Effect for Emotional Materials in Depressed Individuals via Different Sensory Channels

[Speaker] Liu, Mingfan:1
[Co-author] Jiang, Ying:1, Zhang, Hui:1
1:Departement of Psychology, Jiangxi Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Previous research has proposed that Think/No think paradigm has a significant effect on forgetting unwanted memory in non-emotional material. However, it is unclear that whether the suppression effect exists in emotional materials in TNT paradigm for depressed individuals. Two experiments are reported, which examined suppression effect in depressed individuals in specific strategy (directed forgetting, positive-word substitute, positive-picture substitute) and whether depressed individuals can suppress emotional materials presented by auditory channel. The final recall showed that compared with the directed forgetting condition, depressed participants exhibited greater level of forgetting negative words in the substitute condition. Moreover, our experiments revealed no suppression effect in depressed individuals in TNT paradigm through auditory presentations. These results indicate that intentional forgetting show little suppression effect, but interference by unrelated words may be a better strategy to forget negative materials.
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