July 28, 2016 14:40 - 16:10

The Relationship between Adaption and Social Support of Chinese Peasant Workers

[Speaker] Shen, Jie:1
[Co-author] Zeng, Lianping:1, Pan, Yun:1, He, Mingyuan:1, Huang, Shiwu:1, Zhao, Pengjuan:1
1:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Abstract: With the rapid development of China, more and more rural-labors have moved from countryside to work in the cities, and have become to a special group-peasant workers, which take a substantial proportion of Chinese population. Therefore, the reach of the peasant workers' adaptation has a great significance to the development of society. Method: 838 peasant workers were assessed by Mental adaptation self-test scale and social support questionnaire to explore their current adaptation. Result: Firstly, Both the working years and educational background had significant influence on adaptation, while the sex difference or marital status were not. Secondly, adaption level could be significantly improved by social support. In conclusion, working years and educational background can affect peasant workers' adaption, and social support could predict peasant workers' adaption.
Keywords: peasant workers, adaption, social support
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