The effects of warm-water-group-intervention (TANZPRO - BIODANZA Aquatic) on psychobiological harmony and parental attachment patterns

[Speaker] Stueck, Marcus:1
[Co-author] Villegas, Alejandra:1, Utami, Dian S:2, Bauer, Katrin:2, Sack, Ulrich:2
1:DPFA University of Applied Sciences Saxony (Germany), 2:University of Leipzig (Germany)

TANZPRO-Biodanza Aquatic is an evidence-based program based on the BIODANZA-Model of the Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro (2008) and the BIODANZA Aquatic work of Eliane Matuk (2006). It contains exercises in body temperature water (36.7-Celsius degree) like flooding in pairs, groups, and trance suspension. An affective sensitive group creates a maternal uterus. The warm water condition changes motoric, cognitive and emotional activity (skin potential, skin resistance, EMG). It showed increase of Immunparameters (IgA), decrease of cortisol and testosterone. Changes in internal time concept, perception of the father and mother, own relational attachment patterns, increase of sensibility and changing of physiological parameters, and effect mechanisms of TANZPRO-Biodanza Aquatic were measured. The results shows that warm-water-group-intervention (TANZRPO - BIODANZA Aquatic) could enrich the body orientation in psychotherapy to work on early attachment problems and improve harmony in body and mind deeply. It recommended using in orphan homes, schools, and kindergartens.
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