July 28, 2016 12:50 - 14:20

Morality and Citizenship Outcomes of Service-Learning in Psychology and Materials Engineering

[Speaker] Ochoa, Danielle:1
[Co-author] Manapat, Jill:1
1:University of the Philippines - Diliman (Philippines)

Student engagement in service-learning is linked to a multitude of positive academic and non-academic outcomes, including morality and citizenship (Eyler, et. al., 2001). However, these two have yet to be examined alongside each other, and across different disciplines. Thus, our study measured changes in moral identity (Aquino and Reed, 2002), moral foundations (Graham, et. al., 2012), patriotism (Bliss, Oh, and Williams, 2008; de los Santos, 2010), and civic attitudes (Doolittle & Faul, 2013) among students who underwent service-learning in Psychology and Materials Engineering courses in a Philippine university. Both groups experienced increases in patriotism, while only Psychology students had significant changes in moral identity symbolization. Factors associated with these observed changes shall be discussed, along with recommendations for service-learning research and implementation.
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