The Change Process of Individuals in Large Group: Field Being Analysis

[Speaker] Wang, Dongmei:1
[Co-author] Hsia, Lin-ching:1
1:Fu Jen catholic University,Department of Psychology (Taiwan)

Most large-group theories and practices are founded on western philosophy. In this study, we try to explore the process of change in one large group from the perspective of Field Being Philosophy, which combines the ideas of Chinese I Ching and Whitehead's Process Philosophy. During this study, we carried out eight times of large group that involved 88 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Taiwan and mainland China. According to their self-reports and group process records, we found out: (1) Group structure can be changed by the dynamics of group process; (2) The dynamics of change depends on the activity of individual members, which changes the group in turn; And (3) the individual change triggered by emotions, especially implicit knowledge of how to act, feel and think in a particular relational field. Thus, we believe that the Field Being Philosophy would give new insights into the change process of large group.
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