The common factors approach: An alternative evidentiary framework for research in learning and teaching

[Speaker] Reece, John:1
1:Australian College of Applied Psychology (Australia)

The common factors approach is an alternative evidentiary framework for evaluating evidence based practice in psychotherapy that considers the specific treatment component as a single factor in a more complex equation that needs to include the therapist-client alliance, therapist characteristics, the context in which therapy takes place, and so on. There are clear and direct parallels between the common factors approach in psychotherapy research and some of the issues confronting evidence based practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and many of the principles espoused in the common factors approach can be effectively applied to learning and teaching research. This presentation will argue that research in the scholarship of teaching and learning focuses closely on "techniques" and gives inadequate consideration to the common factors that surround the student learning experience. It will be concluded that common factors should be given consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of any learning intervention.
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