Bicultural Competence and Use of Validationgram in Multicultural Counselling

[Speaker] Sasaki, Ayumi:1
[Co-author] Ishiyama, Ishu:1
1:University of British Columbia (Canada)

Bicultural competence is the behavioural involvement in and identification to two cultures. For first generation immigrants, bicultural competence develops over the course of their transition and settlement as they gain knowledge of the new culture. This presentation introduces themes that arose from a narrative inquiry study examining stories of cultural integration among long-term bicultural Asian immigrant adults. The presenters describe implications of the results in cross-cultural counselling. Furthermore, they introduce the validationgram activity used in the data collection stage. The validationgram is a visual activity used to explore an individual's sources of validation (Ishiyama, 1989/1995) that allows for (a) individuals to reflect on their cultural identity and competence in a personally meaningful way, and (b) researchers and practitioners to gain insight into the individual's cultural values and beliefs in a culturally sensitive manner. The presenters discuss its application to counselling practice.
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