Couple Harmony

[Speaker] Belmihoub, Keltoum:1
1:Algiers2 (Algeria)

This research aims at studying the factors contributing in the couple harmony which means the achievement of a high level of satisfaction in the dimensions of marital life such as sexual, emotional, cognitive, relational, family responsibilities ,and the ability to resolve the conflict through effective communication , to fulfil marital expectations and to feel happy .
It is designed to verify the existence of statistically significant differences in marital harmony according to different levels of socio - demographic factors, family background, and to different levels of emotional and behavioural factors.
The applied four tests: Dyadic Adystment Scale ; Index of Marital Satisfaction ;Primary Communication Inventory and Marital Comparison Level Index on a sample consisted of 400 married men and women .
- The results of this research have demonstrated the existence of three basic groups of factors that contribute in marital harmony.

key words
Marital harmony; marital satisfaction;communication.
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