Response-stimulus intervals affect the heteromorphism-isomerism transfer of implicit sequence learning

[Speaker] Liu, Dianzhi:1
[Co-author] Tang, Dan:1, Zhang, Jianxin:1, Zha, Dehua:1
1:Soochow University (China (People's Republic of China))

The existing studies have explored the heteromorphism-isomorphism transfer when the situations change while the rules do not change in implicit sequence learning, but they obtained the contradictory results that transfer could or could not occur. And they haven't investigated the heteromorphism-isomerism transfer when rules and situations both change. The present study thought that they didn't consider the response-stimulus interval (RSI). We created the heteromorphism-isomerism transfer to examine transfer differences in implicit sequence learning when RSIs were 0 ms, 250 ms, 500 ms, 750 ms and 1000 ms. The results showed that with the increase of RSI, the degree of implicit sequence learning changed, which caused a qualitative change in transfer. Transfer occurred when RSI was 750 ms. The implicit learning quantity could predict individual differences of transfer When RSI was 1000 ms. Thus we could define two new fringe consciousnesses by these two heteromorphism-isomerism transfers.
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