How foreign language influence psychoanalytical supervision: a qualitative research

[Speaker] Yan, Wenhua:1
[Co-author] Shu, Xinyue:1
1:East China Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The objective of this research is to explore how foreign language influence psychoanalytical supervision. Qualitative methods were used. Participants were eight Chinese therapists who were China American Psychoanalytic Alliance students. Their working language was English when they work with foreign supervisors. The result showed: 1) Eight reported that the usage of foreign languages influenced the expression fluency. But supervisees' expectation and psychoanalysis knowledge made many things to be understood. 2) Six reported that their perceived supervisors' professionalism in different cultures was different. Foreign supervisors had more mature and stronger expertise, gave more examples and more general directions. 3) Three reported that supervisors' style was different in different cultures. Foreign supervisors were more open and supportive, while Chinese preferred to use specific disposing methods based on their own experience. 4) Five reported cultural stereotype existed in cross-cultural supervision, but it could be broken due to both parties' cultural sensitivity.
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