A Reliability Generalization of the Big-Five Factor Personality Tests in China

[Speaker] Luo, Jie:1
[Co-author] Zhou, Yuan:1, Chen, Wei:1, Pan, Yun:1, Zhao, Shouying:1
1:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

In ordered to analysis the reliability generalization on studies of the Big-Five factor personality tests during the last 20 years (1994-2013) in China. The results showed that: (1) there were some serious reliability induction phenomenon; (2) in the unweighted estimating, the lowest reliability coefficient was found for the Agreeableness and Openness, whereas the highest was found for the Neuroticism and Conscientiousness. What's more, the reliabilities from Chinese researchers were less than Western counterparts, except the Openness. And the latter had higher variance, except the Extraversion(3) with the meta-analysis of coefficient alpha, the coefficient alpha of Neuroticism was the highest, whereas Agreeableness and Openness were the lowest, in the random effects model (4) the result of multivariate regression analysis indicated that sample characteristics such as testing pointing, inventory origin, and paper types had predictive functions on the reliability for Big-Five factor personality tests
Key words: Big-Five factor personality tests; reliability generalization
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