A Case Study of Pre-releasing Female Prisoner with Low Self-esteem and Immature Coping Strategy by Sand Tray Therapy

[Speaker] Wu, Siyu:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Risheng:1
1:Beijing Normal University Department of Psychology (China (People's Republic of China))

Pre-releasing Prisoners always facing with many coping problems. The lack of social experience while in jail leads to low self-esteem and immature coping strategies. By case study, a 33-years-old female prisoner whose term of imprisonment is eleven years will be released in 70 days received 12 sessions individual sand tray therapy. And Self-esteem Scale (SES) and Coping Strategy Questionnaire (CSQ) are used to evaluate the process and effect. According to 12 times of Sand Tray, the impression of her work becoming more positive and stable, the blocked, isolated and static scene turned to opened, coexisted and dynamic. Result showed that her self-esteem score raised from 27 to 35, and her coping strategy changed from immature type (Retreating and Imaging) to mature type (problem solving and Seeking help). After this intervention, she have confidence to face the future, and ready to solve the problems she might have to deal with.
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