The Pathological Personality Traits of Narcotic Prisoners based on PID-5

[Speaker] Adhiatma, Widhi:1
[Co-author] Halim, Magdalena S:1
1:Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (Indonesia)

The aim of this study is to compare the personality profile of narcotic prisoners with other population groups. The sampling method used in this study is convenience sampling. We classified the subjects into three categories: narcotic prisoners (n=180, M=32.90, SD=7.94, 159 males and 21 females), non-narcotic prisoners (n=175, M=32.12, SD=11.31, 173 males and 2 females), and normal population (n=245, M=23.31, SD=6.62, 88 males and 157 females). The Personality Inventory for DSM-5 (PID-5) which has been adapted into Indonesian was administered to all participants. Using one-way ANOVA, statistical analysis was conducted on all five pathological personality domains: Negative Affectivity (F[2,597]=8.79, p < .05), Antagonism (F[2,597]=8.97, p < .05), Detachment (F[2,597]=48.29, p < .05), Disinhibition (F[2,597]=16.97, p < .05), and Psychoticism (F[2,597]=21.74, p < .05). These results showed significant differences between narcotic prisoners, non-narcotic prisoners, and normal population in five pathological personality domains.
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