The HEXACO traits and cooperative, honest, and modest behavior: An overview and new findings

[Speaker] Zettler, Ingo:1
[Co-author] Hilbig, Benjamin E:2
1:University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 2:University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)

In recent years, the HEXACO Model of Personality has been found useful in predicting cooperative, honest, and modest behavior via personality traits. This is mainly due to the inclusion of the trait honesty humility, several aspects of which are not covered by the five factor model or many other models of basic personality structure. Indeed, across different methods (including observations of participants´ behavior) honesty humility was the only trait consistently predicting criteria such as antisocial activities, cheating, or contributions in economic games. Despite this strong empirical support for the HEXACO model when it comes to understanding socially desirable behavior, many scholars still lack an accurate understanding of its origin, structure, and advantages. This talk will thus provide an overview of the HEXACO model, with a particular focus on its relations with variables of vital interpersonal and social importance as shown via a series of new experimental and applied studies.
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