Psychology education in Turkey: Rapid Growth and Slow Transformation

[Speaker] Sumer, Nebi:1
1:Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus (Turkey)

Psychology programs have increased sharply in the developing economies including Turkey in the recent decades. Turkey seems to mirror the opportunities as well as the challenges faced in psychology education in developing countries. Because these countries are experiencing rapid social change resulting in transformations in social and personal values and heightens awareness in interpersonal relations, people have high expectations from psychologists. In this presentation, after I summarize the current state of the psychology programs in Turkey, I will discuss (1) how psychology literacy can be enhanced in both psychology programs and societies to meet the high expectations from psychologists, (2) which models to be followed in psychology education in developing countries: the APA's liberal art or the EuroPsy's professional psychology; and (3) how to internationalize the undergraduate psychology curriculum considering the demands of the specific cultural contexts and multiculturalism in the undergraduate curricula.
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