Professional psychology education and training in post-apartheid South Africa: Successes and challenges

[Speaker] Sodi, Tholene T:1
1:University of Limpopo (South Africa(Republic of South Africa))

More than twenty years after the demise of apartheid, professional psychology education and training in South Africa has continued to suffer the adverse consequences of a colonial system. Consequently, the developmental trajectories of psychology continue to be influenced by this regrettable past. In this presentation, I start by outlining the history of professional psychology and the critical factors that have shaped it. The second part provides a critical analysis of the development of professional psychology during and after the transition to a democratic dispensation in South Africa. In the third part, some of the success stories associated with the transformation of professional psychology are highlighted. The fourth part focuses on challenges that the profession of psychology has faced and continues to face as a result of internal and external factors. The presentation is concluded by highlighting the need to internationalise psychology and the training of professional psychologists in (South) Africa.
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