Transition to Adulthood for Persons with Developmental Disabilities as Joint Projects

[Speaker] Young, Richard A:1
[Co-author] Marshall, Sheila K:1, Stainton, Timothy:1, Curle, Deidre:1, Wall, Jessie:1, Munro, David:1, Zhu, Ma:1, Elbouhali, Asmae:1, Murray, John:1, Parada, Filomena:1, Zaidman-zait, Anat:1
1:University of British Columbia (Canada)

In a world in which the possibility of employment for many young people is either precarious or non-existent, the employment of young people with intellectual disabilities is more challenging. In this presentation, the transition from school to employment and other life roles for young people with intellectual disabilities is examined from the perspective of joint, goal-directed action. Specifically, how these young adults and their parents construct their futures, including the parents' own transition vis-à-vis their son or daughter, is presented as a range of joint projects between parents and the young person and between the parents themselves. Critical in understanding and intervening in this process is identifying the range of projects involved in transition and how these projects are implemented through functional steps and emotional support. A specific counselling strategy based on identifying and monitoring current joint projects of parents themselves and young adults and parents is described.
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