"Rebuilding" the difficult future giving meaning to Life design Counseling approach

[Speaker] Duarte, Maria E:1
1:Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon, Portugal (Portugal)

The presentation is built around two main axes of Life Design (LD) approach: (1) counselling and the engagement with meaning with individual concerns, from a reflexivity approach; and (2) some discussion about the assumption of dialogical approaches. The statement "tell me your story" support the development of a frame to put stories or the narratives told during counselling process critically engaged with the context, and the future. The jargon "tell me your story" argues that a fully voiced consciousness needs to be found at the point of contact with the other, equally-voiced consciousness. This implies that LD needs to engage with the context.
At the end, the conceptualization of reflexivity and dialogical genre will be analysed and discussed, paying attention, and going ahead to the future.
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