The concept of identity capital. A contradiction to identity in flux?

[Speaker] Watzlawik, Meike S:1
1:Sigmund Freud University Berlin (Germany)

Identity research usually refers to negotiating between constancy and change - pointing out that positioning oneself in a certain environment has always been a challenge, but has become even more challenging in the past decades. An example is the German work environment, in which individuals now often work on "projects" in temporary arrangements instead of being permanently employed. As a consequence, they often lack grand narratives about how their lives will unfold in organizations. Individuals repeatedly need to produce their own conditions and find niches, they need to create and find options and decide which paths to take. To support this navigation process through time and spaces, the concepts of identity capital and affective linking is introduced. Based on observations in counseling sessions, the hypothesis is posed that the more we know ourselves and the better our self-positioning strategies work to our liking, the easier it is to face uncertainties.
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