Introduction: How to make sense of Identity and Identity Research from the angle of different approaches

[Speaker] Bamberg, Michael:1
1:Clark University (United States of America)

This opening presentation to our session outlines how identity has recently been theorized in Psychology (social, developmental, and organizational), Sociology, Linguistics (applied and socio-), Anthropology, and other neighboring disciplines. Three common organizational dimensions of how identity and identity research is being approached will be differentiated and theoretically elaborated: (1) identity as located within temporality (between constancy & change), (2) located synchronically between self and others (differentiating and integrating sameness and differences between people), and (3) locating identity as agency/responsibility (viewing the person as endowed with agency producing their own conditions versus being conditioned by world/culture/history and society). The contributions following this introduction will be foreshadowed along these three dimensions as a 'catalytic recalibration' that will prove helpful in viewing commonalities and differences between identity theories and enable the development of new empirical approaches to identity research.
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