Boundaries of confidentiality

[Speaker] Oates, John M:1
1:Open University/BPS Ethics Cttee (United Kingdom)

Although confidentiality is at the core of many activities of psychologists, the protection of privacy is challenged in many contexts.
For example:
With the advent of new (social) media, people's attitudes to privacy have changed;
Many healthcare services are delivered by multidisciplinary teams, who share information about clients;
While digital patient files are strictly regulated, in reality often too many people have access to patient information;
Quality care institutions or healthcare insurance companies ask for extensive information about clients. What controls should there be on gathering and storing such information?
What are the limits to confidentiality; when should it be breached?
The objectives of this presentation are: to create awareness about threats and challenges to the idea of confidentiality; to discuss issues from different angles and cultural and historical perspectives; to consider how psychologists should respond.
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