Contributed Symposium

Towards an integrative understanding of cognitive and behavioural views of animal learning

[Speaker] Kosaki, Yutaka:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

A dichotomy between 'cognitive' and 'associative' processes can be found everywhere in the psychology literature, most notably in the studies of animal learning and cognition. Historically, it has been a major point of dispute whether animals are capable of anything more than just a mechanical association between stimulus (S) and response (R). Following a pioneering series of studies by Tolman, evidence has accumulated to indicate that animals are capable of both the S-R-based learning and more purposive, goal-directed forms of learning at the same time, relying on distinct neural circuits in the brain. Here I will present my recent studies that investigated 1) how one process comes to predominate over the other in the course of learning, 2) how the two systems potentially interact with each other, 3) their neural substrates, and 4) a correspondence between the two types of dual-process accounts found in instrumental conditioning and spatial learning.
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