A Bond Between Man and Woman: Religiosity, Moral Foundations, and Same-Sex Marriage Attitudes in the Philippines

[Speaker] Ochoa, Danielle:1
[Co-author] Sio, Christie P:1, Quiñones, Diwa Malaya A:1, Manalastas, Eric Julian:1
1:University of the Philippines - Diliman (Philippines)

Same-sex marriage in the Philippines remains a strongly opposed issue due to the influence of religion in this predominantly Catholic country, where it is often framed as an issue of morality. However, the psychological underpinnings of this religious influence still merits further exploration. Thus, we examined the role of religious behaviors, spiritual openness, and moral foundations in predicting attitudes toward same-sex marriage among Filipinos. Data from 213 participants revealed that the particular behavior of reading the main sacred text of one's religion predicts negative attitudes, while spiritual openness is linked to more positive attitudes. Beyond these religious variables, the moral foundation of Purity/sanctity also predicts negative attitudes. Recommendations for research and advocacy are discussed in light of these findings.
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