Teaching Psychology for Medical Students at the Undergraduate level University of Aden

[Speaker] Saleh, Maan A:1
1:University of Dammam (Saudi Arabia)

The presentation reflects the experiences of teaching medical psychology (behavioral Sciences) at the undergraduate in the faculties of medicine at the University of Aden. The aims are to document the experience of teaching psychology, updating and change experiences with colleagues around the world as it is the first program of its kind in the Arab world at Faculty of Medicine. the themes and objectives were discussed the teaching style, Qualification of staff, evaluation and measurement, learning impact of increasing the communication skills of medical students to the concept of the doctor - patient relationship, and how we deal with the issue of modification the curriculum according to the local environment and its linked to the concept of globalization of education and modern training. Subjective and objective view strength and weakness were taken in consideration. Difficulties and obstacles were discussed; conclusions and recommendations were also suggested for future planning.
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