Doing good and feeling good. Student reflections on engaging in positive exercises

[Speaker] Shrivastava Kashi, Anita:1
[Co-author] Hyland, Lynda:1
1:Middlesex University Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Exposure to modules which focus on positive constructs such as gratitude and hopefulness can result in psychological benefits to students. Positive psychology tasks have been shown to improve psychological wellbeing. This qualitative study examined student reflections on engaging in positive tasks (e.g., noting three good things that happen each day) as part of a positive psychology module. It involved semi-structured interviews with 12 positive psychology students following module completion. Data were analyzed using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. Findings suggest students perceive improvement in their psychological wellbeing. Over-arching themes include a chance to reflect, hope for the future, and great expectations. Findings suggest that engaging in positive psychology exercises might enhance key positive psychological constructs.
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