StatHand: A Mobile Application Supporting Student Statistical Decision Making

[Speaker] Roberts, Lynne D:1
[Co-author] Allen, Peter J:1, Baughman, Frank D:1, Loxton, Natalie J:2, Van Rooy, Dirk:3, Rock, Adam J:4, Finlay, James:1
1:Curtin University (Australia), 2:Griffith University (Australia), 3:Australian National University (Australia), 4:University of New England (Australia)

Quantitative research methods underpin the development of professional competence in psychology. They are also a known area of weakness for many students. Students find selecting appropriate statistics for typical research scenarios particularly challenging, and these skills are rarely practiced in class. Decision trees are known to aid this process, and mobile technologies offer many new possibilities. Within this context, we have developed StatHand, a free application to support students'statistical decision making. Funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching, StatHand guides users through a series of annotated questions to help them identify a statistic appropriate to their research question. In this presentation, we will overview the rationale behind StatHand, describe its current feature set, and provide delegates with hands-on experience with the application. We will conclude with the results of a preliminary experimental evaluation, followed by suggestions for integrating StatHand into the research methods curriculum.
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