ICOPE & APsyA: Connecting Psychology Students to Facilitate International Understanding

[Speaker] Mccarthy, Sherri N:1
[Co-author] Hawkey, Kyle:2, Sorwano, Sarlito:3, Jafaar, Jas:4
1:Northern Arizona University (United States of America), 2:Pennsylvania State University (United States of America), 3:Persada University (Indonesia), 4:Universiti Malaya (Malaysia)

Similarities and differences of Master's degrees in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America are noted. Professional preparation of psychologists and career paths across continents are compared. Roles of ICOPE, the international teaching organization that began in Russia in 2002 and now affiliates with IUPsyS, and of APsyA in connecting graduate students is explained. Collaborative projects, including research on Quality of Life indicators conducted jointly by students in Malaysia and the U.S., and the development of an MOU to co-teach students in Indonesia and the U.S. are recounted. Faculty exchanges and lectures benefiting graduate students in Brazil, Pakistan, Italy and elsewhere, are provided. Evidence that graduate educational opportunities have improved for students in all countries and international understanding has been facilitated is offered. Other supportive organizations in this endeavor, such as the International Council and APA's International Office & Div. 52, are also cited.
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