Microaggression Experiences in Workplace of LGB Counseling Psychologists

[Speaker] Chao, Shuchu:1
[Co-author] Huang, Ting-huan:2
1:Dept. of Guidance & Counseling. National Changhua University of Education (Taiwan), 2:Counseling Center, Tungnan University (Taiwan)

The purpose of this research was to investigate the micro-aggression experiences of LGB counseling psychologists in workplace in Taiwan. Qualitative research method was adopted and narrative approach was used as data analysis. Four counseling psychologists participated in this research, with two self-identified as gay, one as lesbian, and the other as bisexuals. The results indicated that within the context of heterosexism, the participants experienced dilemma between coming out and hiding in the closet consistently. Micro-aggressions for sexual minority appeared in different forms, either an insult, invisible or heterosexism assumption. Reactions and strategies towards these microaggressions were also provided by the participants. Discussion regarding individual strategies as well as training for counseling psychologists will be presented.
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