Parental Self-Efficacy, Mental Health, and Social Support of Taiwanese Parents of High-Functioning Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

[Speaker] Chao, Chia-chen:1
[Co-author] Wu, I-hwey:1, Wen, Ru-ying:1, Hsiao, Yen-wen:1
1:University of Taipei (Taiwan)

This study intends to investigate the relationships among parental self-efficacy, mental health, and social support of Taiwanese parents of high-functioning ASD (HFASD) children. Fifty-six parents of HFASD children completed the Parental Self-Efficacy Scale, Adult Mental Health Scale, and Social Support Scale. The results showed an average degree of overall parental self-efficacy, mental health, and social support in these parents. Parental self-efficacy significantly and positively correlated with mental health and with social support, especially ''emotional social support.'' However, mental health did not correlate with overall social support, except ''emotional social support.'' Both mental health and social support demonstrated predictive power for parental self-efficacy, especially positive mentality, anxiety, and emotional social support. It is suggested that parent education, support groups, and counseling might help parents develop positive thinking and stress management skills to increase parental self-efficacy and empower parents. Future studies could examine the potential influences of other correlates on parental self-efficacy.
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