Characteristics of Life Skills in Highly Sensitive Persons: From the Viewpoint of Life Skills Education for Mental Health

[Speaker] Kase, Takayoshi:1,2
1:Rikkyo University (Japan), 2:Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2) (Japan)

One objective of life skill education is to improve self-esteem and/or mental health skills (e.g., emotion regulation, self-consciousness, communication skills) required to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life (WHO, 1996). Aron (2010) indicated that highly sensitive persons (HSPs: persons who possess high sensory processing sensitivity) possess weakness in mental health (Takahashi, 2015), self-esteem, and feel they can't change how they feel about themselves. In view of these facts, implementing life skills education for HSPs may prove to be an effective strategy for improving self-esteem and mental health of HSPs. However, HSPs` life skills (i.e., relationships between sensory processing sensitivity and life skills) have not been systematically studied. This session aims to investigate the characteristic of life skills in HSPs.
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