The Characteristic of Counseling Clinics in Korea

[Speaker] Keum, Myoung Ja:1
[Co-author] Park, Hye Jeong:1, Lee, Hyang Rim:1, Jung, Ju Yean:1
1:Daegu University (Korea(Republic of Korea))

In Korea, counselor is to be one of the popular job and counseling psychology is to be a promising discipline area. Since 2000, the counseling clinics have been opened at cities, and to be a important job market for practitioners. This study identified about many variables related to clinic practice. Over half practitioners have a doctoral degree and under 10 years of practice career. Many clinics are located in the large cities and solo practiced. The fee is about $120 for one session to experienced counselors and about $70 to the novice. The most difficult part is to be working as expert counselor and managing job by self. They satisfied the autonomous time management and the professional actualization, but complained the counseling at the late time, on weekend and the low and inconsistent income. Most of them satisfy the clinic practice, but only half recommend it to other practitioners.
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