Study about the effect of searching for exception and scaling - Case of university students in Japan

[Speaker] Watanabe, Shohei:1
1:Akita Prefectural University (Japan)

Japanese students show a trend of having low self-respect and little self-confidence. Half of students are negative and don't have confidence in regards to communication. Can a method of improvement be devised efficiently through a short term intervention?
This research, based on Brief Therapy, inquires with students in regards to (1)exceptions in which communication went well (2)the scaling of one's own communication ability (3)methods to improve scaling further. Furthermore, student's anxieties in regards to communication before and after these worksheets were filled in was investigated through 10 point scales.
As a result, confidence changed. Through searching for exceptions and scaling, there was a significant increase in confidence.
Regardless of whether or not students have confidence, searching for exceptions and scaling were facilitated within a short time span. However, while students with low scores increased their score, their scores were still lower than those which maintained continuous high scores.
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