The Effect of Preventive Group Setting Parent Training Program for Mothers having Preschool Children A Randomized Controlled Trial

[Speaker] Tatsumoto, Shin:1
1:University of MIYAZAKI, graduate school of education (Japan)

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Preventive Group based Behavioral Parent Training intended for Preschool children (PG-BPT-P) on the behavior of mothers and their preschool children. PG-BPT-P program covered behavioral classifications, reinforcing behavior, ignoring misbehavior, limit setting and time out, and reviewing and application parent skills. The subjects were recruited and were assigned to WL control group or intervention group by facilities unit. Outcomes were measured with the Parenting Skills Scale (Version 2), and the Children's Social Behavior Rating Scale. Participants were assessed at immediately before the intake session (Time 1) and 1 week after the last session (Time 2). The participants in the waitlist control group were assessed using the same instruments at the same time points. RCT procedure revealed that all subcategory of mothers' parenting skills were improved and the children's behavioral tendency of aggressive behavior also improved.
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