Working memory and its (theoretical) role in business process modeling

[Speaker] Neurauter, Manuel:1
[Co-author] Martini, Markus:1, Furtner, Marco:1, Sachse, Pierre:1, Pinggera, Jakob:1, Weber, Barbara:1
1:University of Innsbruck (Austria)

Business process models represent formal depictions of complex processes in companies. Process modeling (PM) can be defined as a problem solving process. There is a lack in understanding how different cognitive abilities are related to PM. This theoretical overview focuses on working memory (WM), which is responsible for retaining and manipulating information and is host to several higher cognitive abilities. In this overview, we will present (I) different theoretical views of WM and its functions, (II) how WM can be measured, and (III) different theoretical models on how WM and its sub-functions may be related to PM and measures for process model quality. This overview will increase the understanding of the potential role of WM in PM and is thought to support the design of future studies regarding the relationship between WM and PM.
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