Correlations between adults` romantic attachment type and their love stories after R. Sternberg

[Speaker] Ekimchik, Olga A:1
1:Nekrasov Kostroma State University (Russia)

Aim: to identify correlations between romantic attachment type and "love stories" in heterosexual relationships.
Method. The sample includes 173 close relationships partners: 75 men, 98 women aged 18-40 yrs.
Measures: MIMARA (Brennan, Shaver), Love Stories Scale (Sternberg).
Results: women have more secure attachment than men (p<0.01). Two attachment types -dismissive-avoidant and anxious-preoccupied characterize both men and women. Secure attachment is positively correlated (p<0.05) to love stories as: Travel, Recovery, Gardening, Fantasy, Humor, and negatively - to Horror and Collectibles. The anxious-preoccupied attachment has direct relations with Business and War stories (p<0.05). The dismissive-avoidant attachment doesn't correlate with any love stories proposed by R. Sternberg.
Conclusion: adults` romantic attachment is connected with love and close relationships representations, structured in the form of love stories. Securely attached respondents are focusing on a variety of positively affected love stories, presupposing close partners` relationships. Anxiously attached partners tend to conflict and rational, exchange relationships.
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