Mechanism of total identity formation: Why did Yukio Mishima want to be totally somebody other than himself?

[Speaker] Miyoshi, Akiko:1
1:Teikyo University Junior College (Japan)

Erikson (1968) focused on the terms "wholeness" and "totality," meaning entireness, and pointed out that totality is a mechanism for choosing a negative identity. This study examined the life of the Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima, as a case example of total identity formation, in order to identify the psychodynamic mechanisms of a person who wants to be totally somebody other than himself. Mishima tried to totally change himself because of self-hatred, and tried to become the opposite of him, while the choice between becoming literary genius and death. Finally Mishima, chose death as a samurai (hero) rather than life as a writer. The results of this biographical analysis suggest that Mishima was totally brought up since his birth, as desired by his grandmother, mother, and father, his wholeness was not generated in him, and there was no way that he could continue to act as totally somebody other than himself.
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