Age Differences in The Relationship Between Internet Use and Personality

[Speaker] Toyoshima, Aya:1
[Co-author] Shinichi, Sato:1
1:Osaka University (Japan)

This study examined age differences in the relationship between Internet use and individual personality. We conducted an Internet survey of 1500 people: 500 younger adults (aged 29 -31), 500 middle-aged adults (aged 49 -51), and 500 older adults (aged 69 -71). We assessed frequencies of Internet use, meeting with their friends, and staying alone in daily life. We used the score of the short form of the Big Five scale to measure personality. The effect sizes of age groups were extremely small for these scale scores. We calculated the correlation coefficients between Internet use and personality in each group. Openness and conscientiousness related positively to frequency of Internet use in older adults, but not in younger and middle-aged adults. These results indicated that older adults with higher levels of openness and conscientiousness than their contemporaries tend to use the Internet frequently.
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