Drawing on psychotherapeutic practice: to basics for integrating psychologist in personal development

[Speaker] Chernaya, Anna:1
1:Southern Federal University (Russia)

Drawing as a form of symbolic representations of the inner world it is widely used in psychotherapy practice. With the unique characteristics of expressive therapy, drawing combines the possibilities of therapy and counseling.
According to A. Luria, symbolic form of mediation help us to understand the mechanism of underlying human personality as the ability to handle external symbolic signs, isolated from the outside world stimulus and signs adequate to the task, rebuilds the process behavior by replacing the direct experience of passion, need or image mediated mastery of his behavior. Very important stage of symbolic mediation, when child's are able to allocate the additional sign symbol and use it to overcome the affective states. This behavior helps psychologists to overview some personal problems. Some psychotherapeutic strategies with drawing involves psychologists into the personal development.
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