Diversity of attachment relations and identity integration

[Speaker] Laverdière, Olivier:1
1:Universite de Sherbrooke (Canada)

Attachment theory centrally assumes that early relational interactions are internalized and gradually organised into relational schemas. Even though the existence of a diversity of relational schemas within each individual is theoretically recognized, most empirical investigations and measures have been designed to assess a single general schema considered to be representative of every attachment relationship formed by the individual throughout his life. However, this assumption of attachment schemas integration was never explored. Preliminary results suggest the existence of specific attachment relations. The present study aims at evaluating the degree of attachment schemas integration in relation to identity integration. More than 500 participants completed specific attachment questionnaires and a measure of identity. Multilevel analyses revealed significant portions of variance both at level of specific relationships and individual. Moreover, integration of identity revealed to be a significant predictor.
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