Perfectionism Increases Regret via Moderating the Relationship between Justifiability and Judged Quality of Decision Process

[Speaker] Egawa, Iori:1
[Co-author] Tanno, Yoshihiko:1

Previous researches revealed low judged quality of decision process increased regret. We hypothesized people with high perfectionism judged the quality of decision process was low even if they had enough justifiable information, therefore, they tended to feel more regret. In the experiment of this study, the participants read descriptions of decision making situations and rated the quality of decision process and regret in the situations. They were assigned either high justifiability condition or low condition. We conducted moderated mediation analysis. The result partly supported our hypothesis. It showed perfectionism indirectly increased regret via decreasing the quality of decision process. In the high justifiability condition, the quality of decision process was higher than in low condition. Perfectionism moderated the relationship. However, the effect was not found in all situations. The finding of this study can be applied to reveal the mechanism of occurrence and maintenance of maladaptive cognition in perfectionists.
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