The Perceived Importance of the Big Five Personality Traits in College Students

[Speaker] Kawamura, Soichiro:1
1:Tottori College (Japan)

According to the Big Five theory, there are five major personality factors. This study examines the importance of an individual's recognition of these personality factors. For this study, a survey was conducted with 215 college students to measure their self-concept using the Big Five Scale, the 7-point scale of the importance of each item and personal-consciousness scale. The results confirmed the five factor personality structure. There was a positive relationship between the scores on the Big Five Scale and their importance on neuroticism, extraversion, openness, and conscientiousness. From the factor analysis on the importance of the five factors, three were extracted; social desirability, self-denial, and wide interests. The scores for these factors positively correlated with personal self-awareness.
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