Examining the Personality Correlates of a Japanese Translation of the Cheek-Buss Shyness Scale

[Speaker] Sato, Emi:1
[Co-author] Matsuda, Kouhei:2, Carducci, Bernardo J:3
1:TOKYO FUJI UNIVERSITY (Japan), 2:Tohoku Bunkyo University (Japan), 3:Indiana University Southeast (United States of America)

The purpose of the present study was to extend previous research examining the cross-cultural expressions of shyness (cf. Carducci, 2013) by investigating the personality correlates of a Japanese translation of the Cheek Buss Shyness Scale (CBSS) and other well-established personality inventories. The participants were Japanese college students who completed the CBSS for Japanese, Big Five scale, Locus of Control scale, and BIS/BAS scale. The results of the analysis of the coefficients of correlation suggest scores on the CBSS were negatively correlated with extraversion (r = -.71), emotional stability (r = -.49), openness (r = -.51) and Att scale as public position (r = -.72) of the Big Five and positively correlated with Locus of Control and BIS. And when we conducted GLM by the factor score of shyness, Shyness of three group differed significantly for Big five. The results help to extend the cross-cultural construct validation of shyness.
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