Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence Using Information Communication Technology: Relation with Narcissism and Preoccupation for Persecutory Ideation

[Speaker] Takezawa, Midori:1
[Co-author] Matsui, Megumi:2
1:University of Toyama (Japan), 2:Okayama University (Japan)

This study investigates the effects of narcissism and preoccupation for persecutory ideation on perpetration of intimate partner violence (IPV) using information communication technologies (ICT). Unmarried people between the ages of 15 and 29 (N = 501) completed an online survey regarding their experiences with perpetration of IPV using ICT on a scale of two types of narcissism -hypervigilant narcissism and oblivious narcissism- and a scale of preoccupation tendencies for persecutory ideation about their partner. Factor analysis of IPV using ICT yielded three factors: harassment, intrusive behavior, and surveillance. Hierarchical multiple regression analysis identified interactions between preoccupation for persecutory ideation and narcissism in perpetration of IPV using ICT. The interactions indicated that hypervigilant narcissism was positively correlated to perpetration of intrusive behaviors, and oblivious narcissism was positively correlated of perpetration of harassment, intrusive behavior, and surveillance when higher preoccupation tendencies for persecutory ideations were reported.
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