The development of Self-affliction Tendency Scale Revised version(SATS-R) and short scale(SATS-S)

[Speaker] Wu, Pei-yu:1
[Co-author] Lin, Ching-wen:1
1:National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan (Taiwan)

"Self-affliction" has been constructed as a tendency of self-destruction in various aspects ranging from cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and to interpersonal relationships. Wu, Lin, & Lu (under review) had developed Self-affliction Tendency Scale (SATS) of 30 items. SATS included four dimensions: existential alienation, dysfunction, poor self-care, and contradictory relationship. Research evidences generally supported the 4-dimension self-affliction model. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the model was well supported by observed data and the stability of the model was confirmed. These results generally had supported reliability and validity of SATS.
In order to improve some small imperfections of scale items, we arranged several studies to develop the revised version of SATS. 2 items had been revised and the scale structure been more perfect and stable. And for screening purposes, we also conducted a short form of SATS. The application of short scale (SATS-S) will be discussed.
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